Ceiling Painting

The pros at The Birmingham Handyman take care of your furnishings and decor when painting the interior of your home.

A professional painter will take the time needed for proper preparation before painting. Covering floors, furniture and wall decor is especially important when painting ceilings as in this case. Lightweight plastic drop cloths are used to cover all surfaces and secured in place with painter’s tape. Painter’s tape is designed to be removed without leaving any glue residue or pulling existing paint off. The extra time and materials needed to do the job right can add costs but, it’s well worth it not to have a spec of paint anywhere unintended.



Interior PaintingTip: Help your Handyman.
When having a ceiling or ceilings painted in your home, moving nicknacks and other small breakables from the room is a great help. It is usually not necessary to move furniture when having your ceiling painted but we like to remove anything that can tip over and break. Some examples of items that should be removed are plants, vases, lamps and candles. Having this done ahead of time will speed the process of having your ceiling painted and will be greatly appreciated by your handyman.