Chain Link Fence Repair

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This 5 foot chain link fence suffered damage during a storm when a tree branch fell on it. Since chain link fence is stretched and under tension and all the components (line posts, top rail, corner posts or terminal posts) are tied together, one heavy branch or tree limb can damage your fence far from the point of impact. The top rail component holds tension from the stretched chain link fabric between the corner posts. When the top rail becomes bent, the tension is released and as a result the posts are pulled over and the fabric becomes bent out of shape. In this case the damage traveled all the way to the corner post. Fortunately, we were able to straighten all except one line post which was broken and had to be replaced.

Chain Link Fence Repairs Storm Damage Chain Link Fence Repair in Birmingham Chain Link Fence Repair Top Rail and Posts

A couple of new loop caps, a rail end cup and 50 feet of new top rail and the fence’s framework is restored. Next, we weave in 30 feet of new chain link fabric, stretch it to the proper tension and secure it to the posts and top rail.