Soffit Repair

We are no longer doing soffit or eave repairs.

Usually the damage we see in eaves and soffit are rotten areas caused by a roof leak or by a clogged or faulty gutter system. However, there are other enemies of a sound soffit. For example, squirrels can be very destructive to a home as in this damaged soffit. This is a good illustration of how important it is to keep animals and rodents out of your attic. Squirrels built nests in the eaves of this home after entering through the gable vents. The squirrels chewed and clawed holes through the soffit on both ends of the home causing a significant amount of damage.

Soffit damaged by squirrels Finished eave soffit repair Eave and soffit repairs
In most cases, after the damaged wood has been replaced, the paint color can be matched. This allows the repair to be completed without having to paint the entire house.