Wood Deck Repair

When your wood deck needs a makeover, call The Birmingham Handyman for help.
Contrary to popular belief, a wood deck built of pressure treated pine is not maintenance free and will rot if not properly maintained. The floor boards and handrail components are most susceptible. A quality deck stain or sealer should be applied to these surfaces to protect them from the sun and other elements. When applying stain or sealer to your deck, it is important to deep clean the wood and allow it to dry thoroughly before the application. There are numerous deck cleaners and strippers on the market to help with the cleaning process.
New Deck
If your decking has to be replaced or if you have a new deck, it is important to let the new wood age and dry out a few months before staining or sealing. Dryer wood will absorb more of the product resulting in longer lasting beauty. The method of application is also important. Sprayers and rollers only coat the surface whereas a paint brush will work the stain or sealer into the wood. Staining or sealing your deck with a paint brush is the most time consuming method but by far the best. The treatment will look better and last a lot longer.

Tip: Keep your deck beautiful with easy maintenance.

  • Hose the dirt and dust off your deck frequently
  • Keep leaves and other debris off your deck
  • If your deck doesn’t get much sun, you will need to clean it more often as moss and mildew will form
  • If your deck becomes mildewed, clean it or have it cleaned as soon as possible
  • If your deck gets a lot of sun, you will need to seal it more often
  • At the first sign of needing a fresh coat of stain or sealer, call The Birmingham Handyman for an appointment