Chain Link Fence Replaced

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This new installation replaced a back yard chain link fence destroyed by the April 2011 tornadoes. Take notice of the tension wire at the bottom of the fence. Tension wire stretched along the bottom of a chain link fence provides a way to attach the chain link fabric in between the posts. If you are having a chain link fence installed for dogs, you would most definitely want tension wire. An old chain link fence will usually have some rigidity at the bottom because erosion builds up the ground around it. A new fence will not be “buried” in the ground like an old one. Typically, the posts for a chain link fence are set 10 ft. apart and there is nothing to attach the fence to between the posts at the bottom. A dog can easily push its way through these weak areas.

chain link fence installation tension wire on chain link fence tension wire attached with hog rings
The use of a tension wire eliminates the weak areas between the posts. The tension wire is pulled tight between the terminals or corner posts and hog ringed to the fence as shown in the closeup. Barb-less barbed wire can be used as tension wire and it does the job well, but we used a solid 9 gauge tension wire for this particular installation.