Birmingham Welding Repair

Birmingham Welding Repair Service

The Birmingham Handyman can repair your iron and steel items with our Birmingham welding repair service. Many things just aren’t made as good as they used to be, so sometimes repairing an old item could be better than replacing it. Metal grates, lawn mower decks, steel patio furniture and wrought iron railing commonly need repaired by welding. We have repaired steel mailbox posts, fence posts, gardening tools, brackets and many other household items for our customers. One of our most interesting Birmingham welding repair projects involved some engineering and fabricating.

New steel window sash Steel window frame welding Steel Framing Steel Window Welded In Frame

This is a blank steel window sash with no frame, jamb or glass. It is raw steel with no paint or primer. These will be installed into a concrete block structure with rock veneer.  The old wood windows had rotten sills and had to be removed and replaced. There are a total of three windows in this structure. A steel frame and jamb must be fabricated and welded to accommodate the new blank sash. Steel framework is installed in opening. This is bonded with adhesive and fastened to the block with special concrete screws. The new window will be welded to this framework.