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Broken window pane repair is no longer offered as one of our services.

Due to EPA regulations regarding lead paint hazards in older homes and the modern construction of windows in newer homes, The Birmingham Handyman has discontinued broken window pane repair as one of our services.

broken window pane window glazing

Older homes built prior to 1978 require a contractor that has been certified by the EPA to perform services that involve disturbing painted surfaces.

Modern windows and doors that use a double pane insulated glass require special equipment to repair and a special order of the replacement glass.

We recommend calling a local glass company for help with broken window panes.


Determining Your Type of Broken Glass Window Pane

Types of glass used for window panes include:

  • Annealed – Standard glass that breaks into large shards or long cracks. Annealed glass is common and used in storm windows, garage doors, older windows and windows that have smaller size window panes.
  • Tempered – Hardened glass that breaks into small crumb like pieces. Tempered glass is sometimes labeled as such by the manufacturer.
  • Insulated – Double layer of glass with a gap between the layers. Insulated glass may or may not have a dummy muntin or grid between the layers.
  • Low E – Insulated glass with a low emittance coating that suppresses radiative heat flow. Low E glass is usually labeled as such by the manufacturer.

new glass broken window panes window pane repair New Steel Frame Window Window Glazing

About the Above Photos

The above photos are of a window project completed by The Birmingham Handyman. These are new steel frame windows. We installed three of these windows in a garage to replace wood windows. The new steel windows did not have any glass in them. After installing the windows, we glazed in 1/4 ” thick window panes. The glazing on these windows is on the interior. We finish up priming and painting the new windows. These windows are hinged at the top and swing open from the bottom.