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Fence repair is one of our most popular services.

The Birmingham Handyman can professionally handle your fence repair projects. We are experts with chain link and wood fences.

Chain Link Fence Repair and Installationwood fence escape proof chain link dog fence

Our chain link fence repair services include storm damage, hole repair, gate repair, top rail replaced, tension wire and dog proofing. We also replace or repair wood fences. Our wood fence repair services include boards replaced, gate repair, posts, pressure washing and staining.

Privacy Fence Relocation Project

This privacy fence does not provide very much privacy at the bottom of the hill. The first photo below shows the new posts installed. We set the new posts in concrete and allowed them to set for two days. The second photo shows the fence relocation completed.

wood fence relocate wood fence repair

Chain Link Fence Replaced

This chain link fence was in really bad shape. We had to remove a lot of brush and cut back some small branches and fallen trees. This fence repair was needed for a future dog. We always include tension wire on chain link fences for dogs. Tension wire tightens the bottom of the fence making it more secure for dogs.

fence repair in woods fence repair in woods complete

Offset Post for Chain Link

chain link fence offset postOffset posts are needed when the house’s concrete footing is in the way of digging a post hole next to the wall.
This method allows you to dig your post hole away from the wall while keeping your fence post close to the wall. This type of post has to be special made. The pieces of pipe are welded together and are much heavier gauge than standard fence posts. Once set in concrete, you have a sturdy post next to the wall and the offset part is not visible. On this particular fence repair we used an offset post to avoid a drainage pipe.